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Mosquito Hockey is passionate about sport and supporting players at all levels. We run a full sponsorship program, from elite athletes right down to grass roots players who are keen to progress. 
If you are looking to be sponsored by one of the fastest growing brands in Europe, we’d love to hear from you.


Tell us your story, hopes and aspirations and how you think we can work together. Sponsorship is a two-way street; we like to work collaboratively with players who can add value to our brand whilst developing their own skills and talent. In return we will support you with the best sticks and sportswear and you’ll be the first to know about special promotional offers.

To start your sponsorship journey, why not fill the form in below? If you have any questions or simply want to say ‘hello’ drop us an email we really want to hear from you!


We run a full sponsorship program, ranging from Elite players to grass roots players. Please fill in the form below to apply.

Sponsorship Application

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